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Fun and Innovative method to burn fat and build muscle to get your dream body.

Learn the secret methods that top tier athletes are using to transform their bodies.

Pack on muscle and get shredded abs in the next 12 weeks at home or in the park. This work out requires no special equipment!

Imagine how it must feel to have the body of your dreams; Confidently take off your shirt in public, feel sexy in a swim suit and impress your friends/family

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dear friends


I know what it feels like...

When I was younger, I was extremely unhappy and unhealthy. I was severely picked on at school because I was the most unfit individual. I was not born with athletic abilities. I tried out for a few sports team but after being cut from every team I realized that nobody wanted me. I saw all these fit people and I dreamed of being the “fit” and “athletic” guy that everyone wanted to talk to and be around.

I even dreamed of being able to confidently walk down the street without feeling insecure. I always felt sluggish, low energy and I was always insecure about my physique.

I thought i’d join the gym to loose weight and gain muscle but it was so expensive and it just wasn’t working for me. The work-outs were basically the same every day and I just couldn’t stay motivated. I was on the verge of giving up, and at this point in my life I actually was bullied so bad I didn’t even want to go to school. I was frustrated with how people viewed me.


I’ll tell you something that I have never shared,

One day I even tried to commit suicide.

I needed to try something new to turn a new leaf.


I was so frustrated with my situation, I decided to join a boxing gym. However, after a while, things still weren’t working out. I just didn’t see the results that I wanted. I did notice however, that all the professional athletes were absolutely shredded and in the best shape of anyone I had ever seen. Eventually, I started to research and contact professional fighters and study different strength and conditioning programs. I soon realized that I was simply not doing the right things.I started to experiment with different techniques, I tweaked what really worked and started to train using more innovative techniques. Slowly, I started seeing results! Then one day….


Within a few month of using my new training methods, my body completely changed. My shoulders looked bigger, my chest was more defined, I lost fat and put on muscle. I was stronger and even became the TBA-SA North American B Class tournament champion and a silver medalist in the Striking open class national tournament.

Random people would ask me about my work outs and compliment me on my physique.


I became more confident when I walk down the street and when I talk to people. I remember the first time someone said “Man when I was your age I wish I were as fit as you”.


I thought he was such a weird guy, but it happened over and over again. On top of this I had more energy, I was sleeping better, my anxiety and focus in school improved 10 fold.



Michael Zhang 27, PT
2011 TBA-SA B-Class National Champion
2014 Silver Medalist Striking Open Class
Muay Thai and Boxing Coach
Fitness and Strength Coach
10 Years in the Health and Fitness Industry
Masters Degree Civil Engineering

I eventually started working as a personal trainer specializing in boxing/kickboxing utilizing my methods. Now a-days I coach numerous clients to reach their dream physique using my innovative methods. My program was so effective that my clients started referring their friends and family.

I became so busy as a personal trainer that I eventually jacked up my hourly rate to over $80 per session, 3 sessions a week for 12 weeks would cost my clients over $1,800! Even at this rate, I was still constantly being asked to train people. That's what led me to build the program online.

You are getting this and more for a fraction of the cost.



Why am I not getting the results that I want?
What are the most commonly made mistakes that limit results?



FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY: Calories are NOT the enemy

In fact, good calories and good fats are our friend. This low fat/calorie has been a craze that many of my clients, and students at my gym always ask me about. The reality is this: Fat is not what is causing harm to your body. A diet of processed food, aka refined sugar, and empty carbs is the problem.

When you skip breakfast, go to work, have only a chocolate bar, eat lunch at noon, then dinner, this is going to cause problems. Your metabolism slows downs since your only eating two meals and you are not getting the nutrients that your body needs.

If you calorie count and reduce what you eat, then your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. What your body thinks is that it is being starved, and slows its metabolism down and retains fat. This coupled with mistake number 2 produces the “skinny fat” body where you are not healthy at all. You look and feel week, this is not healthy.

Healthy fats are not to be feared; of course, if you eat fast food, fried food, then that is a problem. However, fats from sources such as fish, natural meats, is full of nutrients and help your body regenerate.

If you deprive your body of healthy, wholesome food such as eggs, whole grains, fish, beans, vegetables or any food that provide your nutrients, then your going to look weak, feel weak, and that is NOT the healthy active lifestyle that we advocate.

2) Useless Long Cardio Work-Outs

There is a huge misconception about long slow cardio, people think by doing 45 minutes of “walking” on a treadmill is a work out.


Being on an any type of cardio machine (treadmill or elliptical) for an extended amount of time at a “walking” rate is doing nothing for muscle development nor burning any fat. This is NOT going to get you to the healthy condition we are advocating.

Your work out must be built in a unique way that will stimulate your metabolism. They key here is to perform specific work outs that trigger muscle growth, burn fat and launch your metabolism. Doing cardio at the same pace as your every day movement (walking to the store, walking up three flights of stairs casually) WILL not achieve this.

3) Blaming Forces Outside of Their Control

I have seen many people blame their genetics, genes, metabolism, environment, friends, etc. Stop making excuses as to
why you are not getting to the shape. At the end of the day, its up to YOU.


The solution is right here.

Now, all you need to do is follow it. For 3 - 4 days a week, 20 - 45 minutes each session, if you give it your all. You will surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

4) Doing the wrong exercises that result to injury

There is nothing that frustrates me more than when I see a trainer who doesn’t know what they are talking about and teaching their client exercises that will hurt them.

For example, if you want to get abs, doing hundred of back breaking crunches has been known for a very long time to cause lower back issues.

It is important to do the right exercises that not only gets you results, but also follows the anatomy of the human body. If you work out for 3 weeks and then hurt yourself, you can’t continue, and there goes your opportunity to create long lasting results.


Burn fat and build muscle using the innovative training method unlike anything you have ever seen.

Learn the innovative work-outs that boxers and kick boxers use to stay in shape, loose weight and build muscle.

Punch, Kick, elbow and knee your way into the best shape of your life.

Release stress, feel great, and train with me, a kickboxing champion! to get the body you have always wanted!

Phase I (4 Weeks) - Base Stage

The base stage is where we introduce your body to the new movements that will begin to shape your body composition. Your body isn’t used to the new movements so its going to take some time to react. In this stage we get your body prepared in a slow progressive method. This stage goes through all the fundamental and basic exercises and movements to pre-strengthen your body for the next few weeks. This stage is very important as it helps prevent injures later on as well as give you a solid base.

Phase II (4 Weeks) - Strength and Conditioning

This stage we introduce you some new exercises as well as more dynamic exercises incorporating some simple plyometrics. You are going to see your body develop, grow muscle and improve your overall shape. As you continue to progress through this section, you will see a quick change in your body. The work outs progressively get harder and by this stage your body is going to start getting used to the work outs and change your metabolism, energy, and overall feel.

Phase III (4 weeks) - Fight Shape

Stage three is the last stage in the training program where you start to get into the more difficult movements. In this stage we teach you full kickboxing combinations. We start to incorporate frequent dynamic excercises that will challenge but help you grow. In this stage, we also incorporate some free weights.

This is a great stage and its going to be a hard 4 weeks, however stay dedicated and you will get through it.


My goal was to get in shape for my wedding, and with this program it allowed me to reach my goals. In a few weeks, I lost 30 lbs. and dropped 4 pant sizes. When my family members saw me, they were all shocked. They could not believe how I looked. They complimented me on my appearance, saying that I looked like a 20 year old. In fact, they all asked how I did it and I happily referred them to Mike Zhang. This program was so easy to follow, and there is SO much information that comes free with the package I cannot believe how cheap it is. Thanks Mike!
Marko Cromwell
I needed a great work-out routine to help me build muscle and keep my weight down for fights, I used the FS Kickboxing stage 3 in addition to my normal training. I immediately noticed a different in my performance and figure. I became stronger, leaner, and was able to stay on my target weight. Michael Zhang has a lot of knowledge and I can’t believe how cheap his program is! Honestly, other people charge over 2000 for this type of coaching.
Melissa Karagianis
Professional MMA Champion and Fitness model
As a structural engineer I work long hours and I travel frequently. FS Kickboxing was the perfect program for me; effective, fun but most importantly, I could perform it wherever I want, whenever I wanted. I had some serious issues in the past with my body. I used to play football in college but once I graduated, work started and my body just put on so much weight. I was seriously over weight and I just had to do something about it. With FS kickboxing, I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and I am so happy with my results. Finally I am not embarrassed to take off my shirt at the beach!
William Guo P.Eng
Professional Structural Engineer
Michael killed it with this program. His innovative work out methods work the entire body in a way that I have never seen. I highly recommend his program to anyone and everyone that wants to get in shape. Mike is one of the most sought after trainers in Toronto based on his knowledge of kickboxing and fitness.
Andrew Raposo CPT
Certified Personal Trainer, North American Muay Thai Champion, Provincial boxing champion.
As an executive operating a non-for profit charity I am always on the move. I travel up to 2-3 weeks every month so it can be hard to always get a hotel with the proper equipment. With this program, all I need are my files on my laptop and some very basic equipment (advanced version) and I can get an intense workout in 30 minutes. I feel better at work, I have more energy, and I feel confident when on stage presenting to thousands of people 🙂
Elly Pham
Founder & Ceo 100 Smiles Project
All I to say is that this is a no bullshit program. Its hard, but its so effective. I work all day at a desk, sometimes up to 14 hours in a row and I was having major back issues. Working through FS Kickboxing I noticed my posture getting better, and I felt much more refreshed. I really like how Mike added the complimentary mobility work. Now I can confidently go places and take my shirt off without getting insecure.
Michael Durst
Graphic/VideoDesign Specialist
I have struggled a lot in the past with diet and exercise by once I found Mike Zhang’s method of training and in only three weeks it allowed me to see my abs for the first time in my life.
Robert Bautista

*Individual results not guaranteed and results may vary*


FSK book 12 week guide


Here is the easy to follow, 12 week fat shredder kickboxing program that will whip you into the best shape of your life. It is broken down into three individual files, one for each stage. In addition, with phase 1, you will receive the free introduction to fitness as described below.



If there is any technique that you are unclear about or require a demonstration you may refer to this video tutorial. Every single technique from the most basic jumping jack, to the advanced technique is demonstrated for you.


Complete Exercise Guide

This is a 50 page guide that gives a clear and detailed explanation of each technique. The exercise guide explains the muscles that each technique targets along with how to do the technique properly. In addition, it explains why its important to perform the exercise properly. With this guide, you actually have the ability to customize your work outs based on what you’d like to work more on! This guide will be critical to your fitness goals as it teaches you how to safely, effectively and properly train your body.


Complimentary: Introduction to Fitness

Fitness can be such an intimidating sector to navigate for beginners. In this book I introduce the reason why we do things such as warm up, stretch, fascial release, injuries, energy systems, importance of form, when to push, when to stop etc. This is a great additional book for anyone new, or even experienced individuals to learn.


Complimentary: Mobility/Stretching/Recovery

One critical element of training that is often overlooked is the stretching/recovery portion. In order to allow your body to stay healthy and maintain its workout you must allow your muscles to recover and heal properly. This guide gives you the essential stretches as well as foam rolling techniques to release tense muscles and promote faster recovery.


Complimentary: 33 Habits and Beliefs of the Championship Fighter and how to Apply them to your Life.

The fighters mindset can be applied to any area of your life. If you can succeed in the ring, you can succeed anywhere else. Being friends with many world class fighters, business owners, and highly educated individuals I have observed several parallel habits. I have documented the 33 habits of the championship fighter and connected how you may apply them in your life.

All of this, including the bonus packages will be yours for 79.99 39.99


Keep in mind that EACH session with me costs $120, you are getting the 12 week guided program AND everything shown above……this is the deal of a lifetime.

When I launched this product several trainers and even my personal friends said that I was insane for pricing it at 79.99 considering that if anyone went to a gym and requested for just a generic 12 week training program (will not feature the innovative breakthrough work outs that I use) it would cost you at least 700.00 dollars!!

I chose this price point because of one reason: My goal is to help as many people discover the life that they DESERVE. As I previously mentioned, I know what it feels like to be frustrated, out of shape, and in a rut. My passion and what I LOVE to do is to help as many people get out of that rut as I can.


I am offering a 60 day FULL Refund Guarantee. If you are not ABSOLUTELY blown away by my program. I will give you your money back. I am tired of these large corporate gyms stealing people’s money without helping them. Like I said, I am 100% confident in my program and my goal is to help as many people discover the healthy lifestyle.



No Shipping costs which save you money.

All materials are digital and send to you instantly in PDF and MP4 format. The files can be accessed from any computer. That means you can get started today!


You will not get a better deal than this program.

You are going to train with me, a Kick Boxing Champion and learn the secrets of how the top fighters train to get their shredded body. I am going to reveal to you the secrets of how we do it!

Why spent thousands of dollars on a personal trainer that's going to just give you the same boring, repetitive work outs on a machine at the gym?

You can complete my program anywhere you want, with minimum equipment (Phase 3 may use free weights).

Even if you do not purchase my program, I sincerely hope that you make a genuine effort to reach your goals. I can tell you from personal experience, living life as an out of shape, unmotivated, uninspiring person is not fun. I hated myself. I pulled myself through this rut though discovering fitness and If there is anything you get from spending the time on this page is that you too can do it. Now, here's a bit of reality.

Like Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results”. If you keep doing what you been doing, you will get the same results.


My Best To You,


Michael Zhang,
Founder, Fat Shredder Kickboxing


No Shipping costs which save you money.

All materials are digital and send to you instantly in PDF and MP4 format. The files can be accessed from any computer. That means you can get started today!

For additional questions or technical support please email us at info@fatshredderkickboxing.com.

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