Anita Hoang R.N.

As a registered nurse, I need to stay fit and healthy since I’m always moving around. At the same time, I was tired of paying so much for a trainer […]

Melissa Karagianis

I needed a great work-out routine to help me build muscle and keep my weight down for fights, I used the FS Kickboxing stage 3 in addition to my normal […]

William Guo P.Eng

As a structural engineer I work long hours and I travel frequently. FS Kickboxing was the perfect program for me; effective, fun but most importantly, I could perform it wherever […]

Andrew Raposo CPT

Michael killed it with this program. His innovative work out methods work the entire body in a way that I have never seen. I highly recommend his program to anyone […]

Elly Pham

As an executive operating a non-for profit charity I am always on the move. I travel up to 2-3 weeks every month so it can be hard to always get […]

Michael Durst

All I to say is that this is a no bullshit program. Its hard, but its so effective. I work all day at a desk, sometimes up to 14 hours […]